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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Tagged again!

I was tagged by Ange and Teri. You can find it here.

Friday, October 28, 2005


The original illustration is in colored pencil and is not yet finished. I decided it would be easy to make another version in Photoshop for my entry to IF and I have worked on them for two hours. The original concept of this illustration is really sweet, but since the topic this week is broken that i thought i'll make up a story about it....and made them look like pictures that were torn in halves.

I have to rest now and I’ll be back some hours later, and by then I hope to see the other entries. I have watched corpse bride today and i like it so much!

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Do you already know something about him? I came across this stuff last night----

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lost but found

This is a new style I did this morning. I was surprised of how many styles I have done and it keeps on changing ....

Here is a song that keeps ringing on my head while I was doing my illustration.

Lost in a danceWaiting for the chanceAll I really needed was to love youNight after nightSearchin' for the lightYou saved meYou gave me something I could feel.(Chorus) Love is all that matters Faithful and foreverKeepin' us togetherLove is all we needPrisoner of illusionSentence is suspendedLoneliness is endedLove has set me freeDreams from the pastComin' true at last Never noticed how my life was changingNow I can see All that love can be You saved meYou gave me something that was real(Chorus)--E. Carmen

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Tagged! ....three things and a lie(not in that order)

I have already made my 100 list about some months ago and I don’t think I can come up with 20 more because I think it took me a month to complete it but since Carla has tagged me that I tried my best if I can still come up with more. I began thinking about them since last night. I realized that I cannot reached 20--so I opted for her other suggestion which is the Illustrated two things and a lie and added one more truth(not in that order) I got exhausted after finishing them but was glad with the outcome. I have made them for 5 hours. One of them I have already published in one of my entries in IF, another one I have cut from a portion of my painting and no one have seen it yet. And the two other illustrations are newly finished. I have only lied(white) twice in my life and it would be the third time and I am not proud of it, but let us see if you can guess which one it is.

I sweat a lot!
I love dancing a lot and we go out dancing every week.I am insomiac and many times, I would watch my husband while he is sleeping. The longest time I have ever kissed a guy was 30 minutes non-stop.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Remote - the real one!

First of all-thank you IF for changing the topic's font.

I have worked in Riyadh some years ago. It was a beautiful new hospital built by a company from England for one of the kings in the Middle East. We are more or less 20 filipinas that was included and have started working during the last month of the construction of the hospital. Actually, we stayed in a hotel during that last month since the accomodation was not also finished. I have worked with more or less 20 doctors from Europe in the beginning. I would say that it was built in a very remote area in the desert where there are very few houses far away from the main roads. The filipino accomodation for the singles was connected to the Hospital occupying the third and fourth floors. In front of the hospital was a private accomodation for the doctors and their families, and that was the only view that I can see from my living room and bedroom windows. If you look at the four sides of the hospital-it was a vast area of barren desert. That is why it was always a treat to avail of the bus trips goin to the city and see those big wonderful lights and beautiful malls and houses made of marbles and glass after work. I had only very few pictures of the hospital mostly inside but never outside because it was forbidden. Here, is my boring but I hope not so boring illustration and as remote as it was in real life.


This is really funny---- because I don’t know what happened to me because I said to myself-for crying out loud what have got into IF that they decided to have diseased as topic for this week. Anyway, being an IF challenger thru and thru that I came up with an illustration for diseased and when I was about to upload my entry that I realized that the real topic is remote and suggested by Diseased Wits. I almost fell down the chair and cannót control myself laughing(until now) at my stupidty. I am now starting another illustration about remote and would later upload it.. ..
Allow me now to tell you about my story. I never had a pet because I had asthma when I was a little girl and was forbidden to have one when I was growing up. I developed a fear of even holding them. I was just contented looking at people with pets and how much joy they are feeling having each other.
I have made this painting last night without the cat and just made another painting using Photoshop CS and added the boy’s arms and the cat in it. I have used a lot of tools – a lot of the clone and eraser tool and liquify filter and brush strokes.

This is a story about a boy I have met while waiting for a friend in the airport a long time ago. The boy was so sad almost crying because he has to leave his sick cat (heart aliment) to have a heart operation in Los Angeles. Imagine both of them having heart ailments. I felt so sad for both of them especially for the boy and I was touched but held back my tears…and I just said “you are a brave boy”…..

New banners!

How would you like to have a look at my new banners for my two other blogs. I am not sure if you will like them. I am not actually satisfied with the one I made for you and isay but the picture i took last december is very memorable to me-anyway, I might change it later.

The one of ang aking hardin-I have drawn a picture of the witch of halloween going away because she was overstaying already and it is the snowman's time to get his chance to be on the scene. And of course, the santa claus with his reindeers and carriage full of toys and gifts for everyone. Christmas songs are very much a part of my life eversince I was a little girl and i thought about adding the notes. The background are autumn leaves that are beginning to cover our garden. I hope to have snow soon. I pray that this will be a white christmas for us.....

Kindly take note that I have to put the witch of halloween since I have made the banner because halloween is not yet over.

Favorite Star Challenge (3)

Mads Mikkelsen
This is the third actor for My favorite Star Challenge.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

what's inside?

In case you are wondering what's inside those winter coats?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Favorite Star Challenge (2)

Joseph Fiennes! I like him so much maybe because he reminds me of my first boyfriend. I had a tall, dark and handsome boyfriend and was the envy of most of the girls in high school*LOL* But actually, his beautiful eyes tells it all when he acts. ….. Please feel free to rate my drawing-I will really appreciate it! you can join in my challenge-just send an e-mail to me and we can link each other!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Cold #2

Especially custom made for the beautiful aravis.
A part of my winter collection.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

First day of Challenge

This will be my outlet for not feeling well in everything. ...It gives me so much pleasure drawing, sketching, painting etc.

I am starting my own challenge today. I will call it Favorite Stars Challenge. I love going to movies and I have a huge list of favorite actors and actresses. I have started sketching their faces(having their pictures as guide) and at the same time learning a lot while doing the sketches, that I decided to share them on line. Feel free to leave some comments and you can also rate them in a scale of 1 to 10…..I plan to do this every week and you can join in my challenge-just send an e-mail to me and we can link each other!

Friday, October 14, 2005


The word cold reminds me of the times when I was a young girl experiencing cold rainy days with lots of thunder and lightning and would take so many hours before it stopped. My mother would always light a blessed palm tree that we have used during Palm Sunday of the Holy week. She said the smoke would send away evil spirits and the thunder and lightning. Brown out is already expected everytime it rains so hard and so we’ll all sit in one room. I would play with my two younger sisters or we’ll tell nonsense stories to each other. My mother will make noodles or spaghetti soup(or sotanghon soup with stir fried chicken pieces and some toasted paprika-my favorite). Sometimes my father will tell us funny jokes or he will turn the radio a bit louder so we can listen to the news. I forgot to say earlier that my father would say that St. Peter is playing bowling everytime the thunder strikes.

I wanted to skip IF this week but I just cannot do it because, I have not yet missed any week since I have started. This is a quick drawing but maybe I would add more characters later on if I would be well enough to do it. I still have headache and sore throat. Actually, it is cold out here.

Quote of the Day

Youth has no age - Pablo Picasso

Thursday, October 13, 2005


As much as i wanted to answer all your comments for my entry at IF that I really can't do it now. I am really tired....

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Good day to all of you! I have to thank everybody who have left comments for my “lost” entry in IF. It is still open for more comments!. I will answer some of your comments about my illustration later on. I just want to share this pencil sketch I did some days ago. I had mentioned earlier that I draw almost everyday, and I have thought about challenging myself and create my own topic every week. I will start it one of these days.

I am not so well today. I have been angry lately and I thought I need a break and be alone. I am still praying for guidance. Some of you will find it weird, but I always do that and God have always given me enlightenment every step of the way. I am not saying that I always get what I want, actually, it is the other way around. I will only found out later on why it did not happened. I know that somehow there’s going to be some changes again in my life in the very near future. I am just waiting and waiting…..

Friday, October 07, 2005


I have made this illustration two months ago but I have'nt publish it at all.

golden yellow

How would you like to see my entry for Studio Friday? kindly click here. I had so much fun doing my illustration.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I try not to compare the movie from the book because I usually get disappointed. In my opinion, the book was a little boring during the first few chapters but It gets more exciting later and I cried in the last chapter. As a movie fan - so far, the Harry Potter's movies were entertaining enough and had great effects. The actors were also great. I wanted to see how Ralph Fiennes was deglamorized in this movie and I can't wait to see it.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


My Japanese friend.

Monday, October 03, 2005

mountains, beaches, caves etc.

Pueto Galera, Palawan and Boracay, Philippines.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Float #2

This is another illustration for the topic float. You can see a portion of this illustration in the first one.

I had so much fun doing this drawing. The feeling of gladness for having accomplished another drawing or image or illustration whatever we call it, is the reason why I always look forward to fridays,,,, And knowing that many of you would take the time to say hello, write a sentence and even a longer one makes me more happier. I know that many people came across my blog and I will never know if I have touched or make another person sad or happier because many of you prefer not to say anything, but its okay. It also happens to me especially when I am only clicking randomly and have not much time in leaving a comment or two to everyone I visited. Sometimes, I am also tongue-tied when I am touchy or not feeling well. Each one of us is different and unique and I am sure that whatever is happening to us, in our surrounding, in the world we live in-life goes on....