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Friday, September 26, 2008


There were two kittens playing under a tree on a windy autumn day. When the wind blow so hard and all the leaves started forming in a fast moving pack, cirling like way - the kittens were not able to move no matter how they tried. It was just for a minute or two but, the kittens must have enjoyed it because they did not go anywhere after that. They might have enjoyed the ride and was wishing it will blow hard again.... . I like the topic this week and have lots of ideas, but I feel sorry because I don't have so much time to paint in canvass nowadays, or until the end of this year. At least I can sketch and paint digitally as always. I ve been busy and up with something. Ohh life, my life...I am listening to "leaving on a jetplane" right now, and how I wish I can travchel more in the near future. I've been missing my nieces and nephews back home, and I hope I can see them early next year.

I received an award from Atomic Velvet sigh and I hope you can go back to home to see it. Have a nice weekend everyone.

Velvet's Art Blog Award

This is really a big surprise for me. Dear velvet --- I am truly grateful and will forever remember this.
I am passing it on to all the wonderful artists in my glistening and glittering links and to all the other wonderful artists who have been visiting my site lately. You all have been my inspiration and who makes my day brighter. I really, really love all your artworks although I have not been able to express it well.
This is a beautiful piece of art and award and please pass it on to anyone you choose.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Singing and dancing have always been a part of our daily life in my family. I grew up going to birthday parties performing together with my two younger sisters to the tune of pearly shells and other hawaiian songs. It was just for fun. There are four young ones(8 and 9 year olds) now in our family who became close to each other- that it seem that, they have formed a certain clique. They always sing along with karaoke especially during weekend after coming from the church. I regularly communicate with them through messenger and I will hear them singing in the background. One of my niece favorite sing a long are the songs "uptown girl" and "umbrella".

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

About the pictures

THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF MY POST EARLIER. I was in Sønderborg, Denmark last weekend.
About the pictures---(click the images to see the larger view)
-Optimist dinghy regatta. It was really amazing to see how this sport build the children's confidence and discipline.
- A long walk along the shores from the center to the harbour was truly a wonderful experience. I started early morning and there were few people.... I saw some coming out on their boats and later on, people keep coming and walking with friends, families and dogs......There were also some buses with tourists of different nationalities. There were children playing with their skateboards and yet, it is not allowed to take pictures of children, and many times, I feel ackward taking pictures of grownups.....
-Saint Marie church, houses, summer houses in different colors, a picture of myself together with OL 2008 49'er gold medalist in sailing Martin Kirketerp. There was a big reception saturday evening, lots of young and old sailors with their families, with lots of flags in the ceiling. Martin shared about his exposure to sailing and his achievements, goals and advice to the optimists sailors. There were lots of food, and even music at the end of the evening. During the awarding Sunday evening, Martin's younger brother won the first price.
I am not finished with all the pictures. My computer is teasing me until now.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I added the sketches I did in the island of Als. I am sorry but I am a digital freak..... I always enhanced digitally all my sketches and paintings, and today guess what? Photoshop has teased me a lot that I don't know why I cannot crop my illustrations. I will try to make it better with the other sketches later on.
What did I do last weekend? I had a blast! I visited a beautiful town called Sonderborg in the island of Als, Denmark. I just arrived, and all I can upload is a digital enhanced sketch I made of the island. I will tell you all about the story and I will upload the sketches I made and the pictures I took, later on......For the meantine, enjoy the illustration and some information about the island Als.

Friday, September 05, 2008

mirror clutter

I always clutter the mirror in my bedroom with lots of different print outs of my artworks and pictures uhmmm..... of all places.... Kindly click the image to see the larger view.
The rain has started falling over here. It is also windy and a little cold that I started having sore throat since last night. I wanted to paint, but sore throat is something that I cannot endure. Have a nice weekend everyone.