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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

ghosts in my television

on the way....

Sunday, October 28, 2007


It's about the costume they are going to wear in a Halloween party they have been invited........

Saturday, October 27, 2007

on Halloween Day

On Halloween Day, is she going to make people glad or sad? Bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha ha ha

Awesome plan

They were a bit exhausted and so, they decided to go back and rest for a while and sat on their houses' colored steps where they live. This is what these trick or treating children talked about:

Pumpkin girl: Shall we start eating our candies?
Vampire boy: We should start eating your candies. You’ve got more than we do.
Heart Princess: Oh yes, I’ve not so much.
PG: That is unfair, you Vampire boy got some money and you Heart princess is a star.
VB: Maybe they have mistaken me for a waiter.
HP: And you did not smile to show your vampire teeth. Ahh--they called me the wrong name. I am not a Love Princess. And you Pumpkin Girl they thought your pumpkin hat’s so cool so you’ve got more candies than I do.
VB: They should have asked you if you were confused because it is not Valentine’s day!
PG: Na na na….. let’s make a plan now so we get more since we still have to go on the next street.
VB: I’ve got an idea. HP you will wear a witch hat instead. We stand on a line. HP will go first so she can bounce back and get even with your candies PG. I will be the last one and it’ll be good if they give me money and will still think that I maybe a waiter whatever, then I will show them a big smile, and show my vampire teeth and maybe-- they'll give me some candies, too ha haha.
PG og HP: Good idea Vampire boy and we’ll spend your money tomorrow when we finished all our candies. Right?
VB: tsk tsk.. I should have gone with boys instead.

Friday, October 26, 2007

trick or treat

You will find these two in front of my door. Which one is the trick or the treat?
You can also find another halloween treat in my other blog here.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

from pumpkin world

This is an illustration I made and brought to life for a school play where I was asked to help. It was made out of styrofoam with glitters and effects and we made it look like she was slowly coming out of the wall....The children thought she was glamorous.--topic for Monday Artday this week.

Monday, October 22, 2007

My Halloween

I did not grew up spending Halloween the same way in other parts of the world--where children and adults dress up in costumes and knocK on their neighbor's houses and being asked if they want trick or treats. I like the idea though and I just satisfied myself and watched horror movies until I got very scared, and had nightmares, and finally had to stop watching them a long time ago. This is an illustration I made before. I like it a lot that is why I am giving it another life. By the way, if you like to treat yourself to wonderful picture children's book illustrations, you better see this SITE and drop by over and over again. Their topic this week is Halloween.

Pumpkin eye

Last night, I was able to sleep better after days of sleepless night. I have pain in my arms and hands. I only have arm bands for my left hand and I think I have to buy one now for my right. I tried using Katinko ointment and wrapped my left arm with handkerchief and it worked-maybe that's why I slept better. I am not well though because of a sore throat I got when I went out saturday night and threw my kitchen trash. It's freezing cold outside during nightime.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Once again this week at IF for the topic grow.
I have my own Winnie the Pooh stuffed toy who sings and dance and who's wearing his usual red shirt. While looking at him this morning, I thought about giving him a new look. Since it's Halloween soon- that I'll make him a little darker like a pumpkin color and a black witch suit.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

glowing blue

He is one of my halloween monster and my second Halloween illustration.

Friday, October 19, 2007

in a hurry

Today at Illustration Friday is the topic grow. I am sorry I made a mistake on the first entry and pasted the wrong URL.
I dedicate this illustration to all my nieces and nephews especially to Hannah Lois who seems to be in a hurry to GROW up. She is joining as many organizations a 16 year old girl can join. I would always ask her, (whenever I get the chance to talk to her) if she is enjoying her teenage life, and one time she replied----"Mommy(they call their mom Mama), every bit of it, and don't you worry because you see, I've grown up -I can even wrap you in my arms-they are so long now........".
By the way, I did some Halloween illustrations and I've uploaded 2 already. Just click Home to get there. I hope everybody is having a nice weekend.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Preggy witch

I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else. --Pablo Picasso
This is my first Halloween illustration. I have finished different kinds of monster, too. I'll upload them one at a time.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

eXtReMe pain

There was a story about a close friend of mine during the time she was in labor. Her brother was laughing so hard and told us that the pain was so extreme for her to bear, that she was shouting so loud and was angry at her husband and was swearing a lot. And she was talking very fluent in english and not a single word in our language.

Life is tough enough without having someone kick you from the inside.---Rita Rudner
So great was the extremity of his(her) pain and anguish, that he(she) did not only sigh but roar. --Matthew Henry

Saturday, October 06, 2007

an open mind

Pacquiao vs Barrera. Today at Mandalay Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. I hope Manny Pacquiao will win.
Boxing aside from Basketball are favorite household sports in the Philippines. What I mean is that, the filipinos would really find time watching a fight in the television if not in the actual place where it is being held. Boxing is not a favorite sport of mine because I cannot take looking at the fighting with the fists and when the boxers gets so bloody swollen already and yet, I sat down together with my father and three brothers and my sisters whenever there was a huge fight. I just closed my eyes once in a while. You can also imagine how noisy could that be when my family's watching and with some actions even. And I heard my father said once or twice to have an open mind during the fight. I don't know what he meant but it could mean a lot of things isn't it? I am thinking that my countrymen is already preparing for this fight. Most of them would be glued in front of the television early morning tomorrow. I am a filipina and I support Manny Pacquiao. He is small and terrible and they say he is really a good boxer and a good man with a big heart. By the way, he had an interview posted in Yahoo.Lastly, as we say in our country--Mabuhay Manny Pacquiao.
i hope you can bear with me my english is bad once in a while....

Friday, October 05, 2007

Open Field

Today at Illustration Friday is the topic Open.

This is one of my childhood memories.....

Monday, October 01, 2007


Today is Monday Artday!