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Sunday, August 28, 2005

my latest pic

if you are interested to see them, kindly click the title. thanks!

Friday, August 26, 2005


When I was working as a part time, ambitious, independent wannabee artist while I was in college, I have learned that if I have to maintain a customer for my artworks, I should know how to compromise. I did have lots of ideas then but there were some customers that would not listen to my idea instead insisted on what they want. But, for some old customers who have seen my works, they were kind enough to trust my guts. I had only small time enterpreneurs because most big time companies would also go for well known artists who are more experienced and are exposed to marketing. I was glad then that I can earn some money for my needs although it did not went on for a longer time. I have mentioned this because I was thinking of all the colors I used for my drawings. I don’t think I dislike any color although I have favorite ones that I used frequently but sometimes, depending on my moods.

One of my biggest dreams when I was growing up was to become a fashion designer. I love clothes and seeing them worn by fabulous models. I have even designed my own and during my younger years, my clothes would always be different not only in style, but for the bold colors that I have preferred. I don’t care about the color of my skin as long as I am comfortable, happy and can handle it. But of course, I never violated any dress code when invited in a party or whatever.

I have been drawing digitally - a collection of clothes in which I have said to myself that eventhough my dream did not come true, that I would satisfy myself in drawing them and make a whole collection for my future references. These are just three illustrations in my collection. I just added the third one and it's not yet finished. I hope you like them.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I cannot explain what I am feeling today. I am smiling, sad, confuse, tired and angry. My heart is hurting but I cannot do anything about it. I have cooked, washed the dishes, paint and now I have drawn this flower in photoshop.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Reflection 2(one of those....)

i had this dream in the past.

Friday, August 19, 2005


According to the dictionary Reflection could also mean a manifestation or result: For example-Achievement is a reflection of a person's courage. In this illustration, I have drawn one of my most unforgettable experience in the past. I have made the outline by pencil, scan it and finished everything in photoshop. I also organized some of the pictures I’ve taken during that time and also a map tourist guide of the place. Just click the title to be redirected in flickr site if you have the desire to see them. I will spare you all of the details of my long story and I would just relay to you a part of that adventure in my life.

My friend Bro Paul, Andrew (our guide) and myself have set our schedule one afternoon in exploring the famous Sumaging cave or also known as the “Big Cave”. Some of the old people said that the cave was underwater during the old days and that it was enormous in size and had an unimaginative depth. My heart was pounding as we walked down with our barefeet in a steep and slippery path from the opening to the caves main chamber. It only stopped as I was fascinated by the lovely and huge rock formations of limestones and stalagtites. Some of them were given names such as Rice Granary, Cauliflower, Kings Curtains, Dancing Hall etc. The most hardest part we did was to crawl passing through some parts of the caves while we practice breathing exercises in going in and out of tiny passages like giant rat holes and slippery even. The guide always went ahead of us because there were some cracks going out of those holes which are filled with water and have depths beyond measure. We also walked through running waters while climbing up a rope against a tall limestone wall going to the other side. The cave was really dark,cold and filled with bottomless pits and unknown elements. Coming out of the cave was a relief because I have started overcoming my being agorophobic and claustrophobic. Bro Paul who have always been so poetic said “your smile have become the reflection of your courage in defeating your fears”. Lastly, we ate our dinner in a beautiful (made of Nipa Hut) café where we had eaten rice menus, drank a tasteful rice wine and the most wonderful fresh strawberry shake I have ever tasted.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I was inspired to make this illustration because of the e-mail that was send to me by my friend who attended a seminar in Cologne, Germany last week. I was smiling because he has written the subject as World Yoúth for Senior Citizens. (Well, the world youth day which was founded by the late Pope John Paul II is now being held in Germany until the 21st of August, and being attended by people mostly the youth from all over the world. The new pope of course, will grace the occasion.) My friend having this journey in his life working with the youth, the street children and adults ages 1 day to 59,the abled and disabled people, the prostituted women and children, the commercial sex workers and the victims of prostitution, trafficking etc., in our homeland, the Philippines.

My ever wonderful missionary friend Brother Paul, SVD have also shared his personal latest mission and vision.

1. "a world for all with no one being left out,"
2. The Jesus´ story of the Good Samaritan in St.
3. The words of Mother Teresa "you cannot love
without giving but you can give without loving."

Saturday, August 13, 2005


I have not been feeling well yesterday-I had stomach pain, a little weak for not being able to sleep last thursday and still having muscle pain because of the long walks I have been doing the last few days.
I have done this illustration in photoshop, my hands are shaky that I really cannot make the lines fine. I will finished this (with the original size) when I feel stronger already.

When Hannah(my niece) became active in Sunday school and in the youth activities later on, I have seen how she has been transformed to a prayerful and happy young girl. Every night, after brushing her long hair for maybe a hundred strokes, she would close her eyes for some minutes and after that, she would read a book called Daily Reading(If I remember right the title..) which contains daily experiences from people and how their faith have changed their lives accompanied with verses from the Bible. After reading she would close her eyes again and pray silently and when she’s finished, she would say goodnight and sleep with a smile on her face.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The passion of Eunice

She loves to draw and would always send a letter to me together with her drawings. This one she made some years ago. I like it because of the colors and how she was able to express her fondness with skipping rope and the character she has drawn.

Monday, August 08, 2005

100 days....

100 days

wow! can't believe today is my 100 days since i started this blog and was inspired to draw more. 100 days ago have i made my first entry to Illustration Friday and never have i missed any friday since then.

Saturday, August 06, 2005


I was reading Harry Potter, the Half Blood Prince and came across the name Hepzibah and I suddenly remembered a classmate of mine in school. I can’t let go of her memories that I decided to make a sketch of how I remembered her. Hepzibah is only 4 feet and 8 inches tall. She has long black hair complete with little bangs. She is not ugly but has a sweet face, but she never smiled and would always cover her face with handkerchief if being stared at. She wore big eyeglasses in which I don’t know if she has only worn to cover her eyes. She wore her uniform longer and a little bigger than her size-very different from all the other students. She was pale because she was afraid to walk under the sun and was always carrying a portfolio bag- in it was a folded black umbrella. She would walked on the side of the building far away from other students Her one arm on the back and the other holding her bag either in front or in her back. I don’t think she had friends in school. She is very intelligent though, and has remained in the top three until we graduated. I just don’t know how she passed her extra curricular activities like sports etc. She must be a loner because she was always quiet in class but always raised her hands and knows every question the teacher has. She has never joined any conversation with other students. She has never been in the cafeteria and had always brought her lunch to eat under a tree or any corner where she can be alone. She always had a book to read especially when she knew someone was attempting to go near her. . …I also learned she never goes out of their house. I tried talking to her but she always went away. I am wondering what happened to her.

Friday, August 05, 2005


freshly baked ehe! I mean just finished drawing 2 minutes ago. I find that some of my drawings can fit in - everytime the new topic was released. I was thinking of the desert storm I had experienced in Riyadh and thought I would draw it while I was waiting for something. It was terrible and can't see anything(the illustration is how I saw it-little reddish sometimes.)The desert is usually empty especially during a storm.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Belated Happy Birthday!

I have just made this illustration of Fr. Stephen, a filipino priest who is now staying in Italy. I just learned that it was his birthday last July 19th. This is my way of greeting and wishing him good health and more blessings. You can click the title to get to his website.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

New Banner

Thanks to Paige Pooler (i still have to work on my hyperlinks ) she had made it easier for me to make the banner because she had published an article about it and i thought it's about time to give it a try. please check her site in case you haven't discovered it because it's so amazing her works)

The illustration on my banner is a part of a series of my drawings that i haven't publish yet. I try to draw everyday and hoping one day, I can have a real studio and work as a free lance artist whichever way my art would take me.

Monday, August 01, 2005

one night

i thought i'd play with my picture and photoshop.....