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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I have been so tired for the last 10 days. I have been moving things with the help of a danish couple who are my former neighbors in my not so long ago life in a very nice neighborhood..... I have been so lucky having them in my life and sometimes I ask myself if I really deserve all these good things coming my way. They are so sweet and they had offered and took the time to fetch my things with their trailer and have really helped me a lot in carrying all my things to the top floor. I was very worried because they are already old (but not so old) and yet, I guess they were heaven sent just like my flat.

I still have boxes to be unpacked and my place is still very messy as of this time but, I took the time to take some pictures for you to see. From the left to the right you can see my tiny elephant on the window sill. The first piece of IKEA furniture I had assembled. My corner bookshelves(given by Ellen and Henning-my neighbors) The window from my sala going to the terrace. My winnie enjoying himself sitting in the chair in my bedroom. The view from my terrace. And in one of these buildings is where I live. I don’t know how many buildings are they but they were sitting beside each other and was formed like a long rectangle and there were pine trees, playing and picnic areas on the center. And, it is not just one rectangle. These buildings were built in 1956. The kitchen is newly built and I still have to take pictures of them.

I feel like I am going to get sick but I really cannot afford it right now. So many things to do and yet I am looking forward for autumn holiday……

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

spy network

I was reading a a book last night, about a spy network in europe during the end of the second world war when I fall asleep and dreamt....I have dreamt that I was there in the scene of an interview about a crime - of the book that I was reading. I was only awaken by a slam on my next door's neighbor that I don't remember anymore what we were talking about in my dream. It feels good actually, the same feeling when the scenes in a book is so exciting and there's a lot of action and suspense going on.