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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

a green mango woman

I thought of drawing a mango fruit today since I have been missing mangoes, different kinds of them and came up with two illustrations (using painter classic and photoshop)-a mango and a woman which is supposed to be me with a maroon head turban. I made the illustration of the woman by experimenting with the mango illustration, hence the color of the face is also light green....I enjoyed doing the illustration that I have to publish it for all of you to see. Posted by Hello

Friday, May 27, 2005


I felt so happy and sad for eating ice cream yesterday. I was glad because it was a long time ago since I ate ice cream and, I was sad because I was eating alone without my husband. It has been so warm today and yesterday, and for someone like my husband who loves eating sweets and ice cream, it is cruel being forbidden to eat it. We found out early this year that he has diabetes.... It breaks my heart when I feel he has some cravings for it but we managed to laugh it off....Actually, he's been swimming and was very strict with his diet that he also lost weight and, made his doctor and dietician happy. Actually, I asked his permission upon making this illustration. His only comment is that, I made him look like his father(meaning older) and I thought I made his hair a little girlish. Anyway, I am still trying hard to replenish my skills in drawing  Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Illustration Friday: Aquatic(third illustration)

Friday, May 20, 2005

Aquatic(second illustration)

Second Illustration....I have this friday and saturday blues!anyway, this is a continuation of the first illo. Posted by Hello

Aquatic (first illustration)

The illustration I made is composed of three pictures that I have combined to bring into life the idea I had in mind. Actually, It was my fantasy to become a very good scuba diver, but since I had this fear of swimming in an open sea(which I have discussed in my previous illo"daring") that it has remained just what it is a fantasy. I am also a sucker of love stories and here in this illustration, the man of my dreams(the one in the picture is my husband) is trying to save me from the eating piranhas(of course no one will swim in any body of water with piranha....and yet, we'll never know..... I am just sorry that I did not show the whole picture of the supposed to be me, but only the feet to emphazise that I was the target of the piranhas. Actually, i have some other versions of the story and if I'll have time I will do another illo. Posted by Hello

Friday, May 13, 2005


A big bowl of spaghetti! For my nieces and nephews a big bowl of spaghetti is enough nourishment for all of them. I can still remember how they've waited for me to finished cooking everytime I had the chance to cook for them. Sometimes when the meat ( my eldest sister have always provided the grinded beef) was late or my other sister have forgotten to bring it, that I had to think of another option for the sauce, that sometimes I used sardines(Ligo brand) and they would say it also tastes so good. Birthdays in our family was never complete without any spaghetti or noodles in the menu. We have also that saying or shall I say it is a symbol--that it makes the celebrant's life longer. Of all my best memories with my siblings and their children, it was when we get together and eat. Rice have always been the best nourishment for all of us, too - especially when there's no other food around. There was also a time that my eldest sister decided that we tried the first class rice but it turned out that we have spend more money because, we have consumed the whole sack of rice very easily and our expenses were doubled. In the Philippines, (it is where the Rice Institute and Research is located), we have different kinds of rice from the most expensive to the cheapest and from the most tastiest to the most healthiest (but not so tasty good) - that it has become inevitable.
I used a colored pencil for my illustration and enhanced it using Photoshop.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


alone in my own world
i cannot go far beyond
my feet won't move
my body as calm as the sea
it is swaying like the tide
the way my mind would go....
my eyes looking nowhere
my hands closed like a sleeping shell.... Posted by Hello

Friday, May 06, 2005


When I read this week's topic, I felt sad(I don't want to be - especially on a day when we say "Thank God it's friday! and another reason is that I am having a bad day...) I said to myself, I cannot make an illustration that is funny because afterall, the meaning of mischief is still negative whatever, however way we put it. Some people can - and if I try, I might end up a trying hard sad woman. I asked myself what is the worst thing that another person can do in this world or shall I say an evil action towards another human being?. Afterwards, I said to myself but how about the question --- Who are the most deserving people in this world of love, attention, freedom, opportunities, happiness etc., and yet, many of them are being deprived, abandoned, misguided, corrupted, exploited, abused etc.? There are many stories, different kind of stories, sad stories....Have we tried to ever wonder how these children thinks? Have we tried at least talking to them and asked about their dreams? I did this illustration without thinking of what could have had happened to the little girl, I am leaving the questions and answers to anyone out there. Actually, we can make a happy thought about it afterall, that is -if we do something.....My spirits are lifted now, Illustration friday have made me think and search for that maybe little creativity in me. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 01, 2005


second illustration Posted by Hello

first illustration

For this week topic: Ambition(29th April)

I like drawing a lot when I was a child and in the middle of my teenage years but, It has been years since I did my last drawing. I finished Commercial Arts in the University and had some part time jobs when my father decided that I took a business course. Since then, was my inclination to improve my artistic side vanished little by little. I am just glad about Illustration Friday and I feel inspired to draw again. In this week topic, I have lots of thoughts about the drawing I made. First of all, I like stories about rainbows, lepricauns, pot of gold. Light comedy stories but with a good message or even those that can make me cry. In this drawing, it can be my family, my nieces and nephews, my loveones enjoying ourselves gliding up and down the rainbow and finding a pot of gold at the end of it. It would be fun for me to do things like that together with the people I love. It could be boring when you are alone and you cannot share your feeling with another person especially when you have found a treasure or you have achieved something.
The little girl in the drawing was so happy to find it first that she really cannot hide her feelings, and the lady is waving at her or it can be that she is trying to embrace the moment and is very confident that she is almost there. The little boy was a little scared or just taking care of himself, or he doesn't realize yet the things that is waiting for him at the end of the rainbow. The last one, the guy who was lying down was just relaxing, not thinking of anything and just enjoying the nice feeling lying in a rainbow(I was thinking if feels like you are lying on a cotton or a big marshmallow.) and looking at the clouds.

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Illustration Friday: DARING

One of the daring thing that I'd started doing in my life some years ago is to beat my fear of the water. My fear began when I was thrown into a swimming pool when I was small. It was not really a good experience:) I hope I can tell the whole story one day...

This week topic for Illustration Friday(22nd April) is DARING. It was originally a picture of myself on top of the deck of the boat. I used the tools to cut and draw the lines and added some style and texture to the picture.
We sail every summer and I sometimes even help on board, but always with a life vest(which is a must). One time, the motor got stucked and it was high tide, and the waves makes the boat rocks...We were in the middle of the sea and no sight of another boat. We were like that for more than an hour. My husband tried his best and even called my stepfather(he owns the boat but cannot sail as much as he can now) and they talked over a mobile phone about what happened, while I was trying not to make my husband felt that I was afraid. I tried to be quiet and prayed silently the whole time. When the motor started again, we hugged and kissed and off we went...... Posted by Hello