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Friday, June 30, 2006

A sticky situation

This was originally done in colored pencil. Here you can see the out of body experiences due to the painful and difficult situation they are in.... I could have done this better but I still have not much time until now. Best regards to everyone!

Someone said-if only I can take your pain, your problems -- but don't you think it would be unfair if ever it is possible and besides I will not be in peace in knowing somebody is suffering because of me.

I like this second image. I like the colors of her blouse and skirt . The weather waswarm and humid; muggy: a sticky day , she was perspiring a lot.....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A part of my summer collection

They are the only ones I can share right now. ....Best regards to all!


This is my entry for Illustration Friday's topic: rain. Please feel free to share what you think about it. I've got to go. I only uploaded this one.

Best regards to all of you my friends-co-bloggers-everyone.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Out in the dark

To make my story short. This is a painting I have done on my second day of hard crying almost all day long for two weeks last April and May. This painting was not originally like this one. So many colors have been used and have been covered at least four times until, I came up with this image that have made me satisfied or maybe, I somehow felt I cannot do anything more about it. I have taken some pictures of the last image before this but, unfortunately my resources right now cannot make it possible. My tears were also falling at the time I began painting and it was only later that I decided using handkerchiefs to wipe the tears on my eyes. This is my entry for Inspire me thursday Show and tell art topic.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Best regards to all of you my friends. I have only some minutes to post this. Until then.

What topic would you like to discuss in your blog but you cannot?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

portrait digital

This is a painting from an inspiration of one of my memories - having fun with my girl-friends while we were trying to belly dancing and complete with costumes. I will upload the whole image next time.I am free today and trying to avoid worrying. I miss painting digitally and so here is my latest just minutes ago before I've got to go and do something else.

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last week

These are illustrations I have made for IF's topic last week which is cake. I was not able to upload it because I didn't had the time because of my problem. I have been drawing and painting (but not digitally and I miss it terribly) during my free time and I when am totally alone to avoid too much thinking.....and yet, i am surprised sometimes how my illustrations would turn out. For example the little cake on a palm with a little figure of a man that looks like he was wondering why he was there on tough of the cake. he didn't even know that he will be lighted on later on. Many of my drawings and paintings I realized expresses my subconcious feelings at the moment I am making my illustration, I guess so...... I will upload all of them when I am finally settled. This is the second on my first entry for IF this week. I cannot upload this separately from the other image and surprisingly I was able to in this post.

Women of substance

My heartfelt thanks to all of you my friends co-bloggers. Missing all of you and also visiting all your sites.....

I have drawn a lot of portraits of my loveones and friends and some people that gave me an inspiration to draw. I am not saying I am good at it already but it has made me feel better everytime. Many of them I have given away without taking a picture and I regret because it could be a great collection. Every face that I draw and paint has a story to tell and one day I will publish a book about it.

Here is my entry for Illustration Fridays topic for this week which is portrait.

She is the mother of a young woman I have met lately. I wanted to draw the daughter's face but she gave me a tiny picture of her mom and asked me if I can draw her instead. They have a story to tell and it is not different from many of them from Somalia. It was a sad story and I found myself not writing about it because I am sad myself nowadays. The daughter's smile and cheerful ways have made me smile a lot, though. It was contagious. She wanted to convert me to the muslim faith and one day, she invited me to her place. She asked me to sit down on a chair and gave me some apple juice to drink while she prepare herself to pray. And there she laid down her carpet in a corner and started praying. I was so quiet and was not able to drink my juice until she was finished. One day, I will try to draw her face and tell her story.

I can tell very little about the second image of a beautiful young woman. All I know is that she can sing her "blues" very well and "The wind beneath her wings". I was sitting in front and was concentrating a lot with the way she sings and so curious about the little piece of artwork on her face. They say they can tell something about her with her choices of songs but I doubt it. Anyway, her name is Rosemary. I hope she is not feeling blue wherever she is now.

Note: I cannot upload a separate picture of the second image. Blogger have teased me. I'll try next time or I will upload it on my next post. I encourage you to click home to see my other latest illustrations.