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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

more stories

Etta has been talking endlessly about my siblings, my nieces and nephews back home and, I am glad listening to all her stories. Accompanying her stories are some pictures and videos that make it more like it was just a block away from where I am and, not miles and miles away crossing the land and sea.......

Here, you can find the picture that I really like. Betina, Cyrene, Jed and Luis participated at their annual Christmas presentation in the church. Some of you may have read the story of Betina. ... She is deaf and mute and her bones are growing very slowly. .... In this picture you can see that she looks so normal and as if she is really singing and doing the same things other children are doing on stage but, actually you can only hear her own sounds and sometimes she was just opening her mouth.....

All my nieces and nephews have send me letters and small things they have made. I was really excited reading and opening their little gifts to me. Eunice have rolled a lot of small papers with a word handwritten in it like for example kind......and I open each rolled paper everyday and read what was written on it, rolled it again and pass it to another person later. Really fun. This is what it really means having a big family, lots of fun and memories to keep only that, I get to experience it very seldom now since I am the only one who is far away.


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