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Thursday, December 21, 2006


I hope that you'll all have a nice holiday celebration. I really don't want to miss out on sending my greetings to all of you.

I have tried my best to finish this greeting card so that I can stop thinking of a problem my siblings are having right now. This could be my saddest Christmas and the loneliest. I hope I can bear up well....


Blogger Caroline said...

What a kind person you are to wish us all well when you have a heavy heart!

Best wishes to you and yours!

December 21, 2006 2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Isay, May you have a blessed year to come with happiness, joy and great success.

Do not be lonely... you are in the prayers and thoughts of many.

December 21, 2006 4:25 PM  
Blogger Ian T. said...

Merry Christmas, Isay! Take care!

December 21, 2006 5:47 PM  
Blogger Aravis said...

This is wonderful, isay. If you're feeling lonely, know that I'll think of you during the holidays and be sending good wishes and cheer your way!

December 22, 2006 1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thankyou and I hope you had a good christmas-eve in spite of the sad..

I wish you a great 2007 with joy and lots of creative ideas to show here at IllustrationFriday :-) - greetings from Denmark - georg

December 27, 2006 1:52 PM  

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